Tequila Blanco


Our Magnifico Tequilas are expertly crafted from hand-selected 100% Blue Weber Agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico. Our Tequilas are made in small batches, distilled in Mexico, filtered through our proprietary process and optimally aged to achieve their distinct and notable flavors.

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Lucky29’s proprietary distillation & bottling process

Crafted with Lucky29’s proprietary distillation & bottling process, each of our spirits embodies an element of the good fortune we all hope to experience in life: Good Health, Financial Security, and Long term Friendships, to name a few.

Each element represents the different ways our lives are enriched and just like each of our Lucky29 spirits, their experience allows us to realize just how Lucky we are.

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Watch expert mixologists craft unique cocktail recipes using signature Lucky 29 spirits. These videos walk you through each drink's assembly so that you can recreate these lavish cocktails with ease from the comfort of your own home.

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Lucky Paloma

To make the Lucky Paloma you will need to mix Lucky 29’s Magnifico Tequila with grapefruit and lime juice. For an added burst of flavor, add a splash of grapefruit oleo saccharum. Mix, shake, pour over ice and top it off with club soda for a bubbly delight.

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Tequila Forest

To make this sophisticated cocktail, mix equal amounts of Lucky 29’s magnifico tequila and pineapple juice. Then add a splash of citrus juice, liquid sugar, and garnish with strawberries and a lime twist.

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