Kentucky Bourbon


Aged for 4 years, Lucky29 Bourbon Whiskey is a single barrel whiskey crafted in the heart of Kentucky. We source the finest natural ingredients including corn, rye and malted barley. Our aging in charred oak barrels results in a charge of flavors, including dark toffee, vanilla, caramel and wood.

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Lucky29’s proprietary distillation & bottling process

Crafted with Lucky29’s proprietary distillation & bottling process, each of our spirits embodies an element of the good fortune we all hope to experience in life: Good Health, Financial Security, and Long term Friendships, to name a few.

Each element represents the different ways our lives are enriched and just like each of our Lucky29 spirits, their experience allows us to realize just how Lucky we are.

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Watch expert mixologists craft unique cocktail recipes using signature Lucky 29 spirits. These videos walk you through each drink's assembly so that you can recreate these lavish cocktails with ease from the comfort of your own home.

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Green Apple Elixir

This Green Apple Elixir is a new and innovative way of making a classic cocktail. Begin by adding 2 oz Kentucky bourbon with 3 oz fresh green apple juice and balsamic vinegar blend. Shake thoroughly, strain over ice and garnish with apple slices and fresh sage leaves.

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Classic Whiskey Sour

To make this iconic cocktail known as the Classic Whiskey Sour, start by adding Lucky 29 Kentucky bourbon, fresh lemon juice, a dash of bitters, and simple syrup. Then add egg white to ensure a frothy head. For the perfect consistency shake once without ice then add ice and shake again.

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Product Reviews

Superior Burbon

I bought this for a friend who loves brown liquor. this gift made our friend super happy!!

Pleasantly Suprised!

I was happy to enjoy the smoothness of the Bourbon and loved the sweet notes that were left after each delicious sip. I now am drinking more Bourbon and get this bottle almost every time I go to the store to restock my bar.

Top Choice

I bought this on the recommendation of a salesman at the liquor store. It is the finest whiskey I've tasted. It is limited in distribution and select in flavor. If you are looking to impress your friends, buy this whiskey.

Off the Charts!

This is very good bourbon either neat or with one large round cube. If you feel the need to mix it especially with sweet, spire, or coke then buy a cheap bourbon.


Great bourbon for a great price Bourbon fans. You will not be disappointed I will continue to keep this stocked in my bar with no trepidation.

Smooth And Easy To Drink

Bought this for my father in law’s birthday, would buy it again. Smooth with a ice ball, and easy to drink on the back patio.

Very Smooth With Great Flavor

This has become one of my favorites!!! It has great flavor with a very smooth finish. It has flavors of oak, toasted pecan and some baking spices. It’s very smooth for you neat drinkers. The finish is sweet although it is very short . Everyone that I have given this to has loved it. It most definitely not as complex as some bourbons it is great and easily drinkable!

Best Tasting Bourbon

Got this as a Birthday present. Best present ever. Open it up right away. Smoothest bourbon I have ever tried.