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Glitz, Glamour and Lady Luck. They’re the three ingredients that make any gaming hall sparkle. Add Lucky29 Vodka to the mix and the fun really gets going whether you like it on the rocks, straight up or just a little dirty. Sourced with only the finest natural ingredients and prestine water supply, our Gluten Free Vodka is distilled five times and filtered through a proprietary process to remove impurities.

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Lucky29’s proprietary distillation & bottling process

Crafted with Lucky29’s proprietary distillation & bottling process, each of our spirits embodies an element of the good fortune we all hope to experience in life: Good Health, Financial Security, and Long term Friendships, to name a few.

Each element represents the different ways our lives are enriched and just like each of our Lucky29 spirits, their experience allows us to realize just how Lucky we are.

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Watch expert mixologists craft unique cocktail recipes using signature Lucky 29 spirits. These videos walk you through each drink's assembly so that you can recreate these lavish cocktails with ease from the comfort of your own home.

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Hibiscus Martini

The lush, sweet taste of this cocktail is a refreshing departure from a classic martini. Start by adding 2 oz Lucky 29 gluten-free vodka, 1 ½ oz sherry or white wine, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Muddle fresh nectarines into the mixture before adding ice and shaking. Strain into your glass, then top it off with a few drops of hibiscus oil for added fragrance as you sip on this masterpiece!

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Strawberry Sour Sob Sour

For the modern cocktail connoisseur, this cool, creamy cocktail is made by mixing Lucky 29 gluten-free vodka with strawberry syrup and sour sob mix. Top with lime foam and garnish with slices of strawberries for good measure.

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